“Product Excellence” through Technology impetus


Technology event organized by DesignTech Systems showcased all the latest technologies in product design, development and Manufacturing to the Engineering Industry in Kolkata.

DesignTech Systems recently organized a one day technology seminar “Vision: Product Excellence through technology Impetus” in Kolkata. The aim of this event was to showcase the latest and most advanced technologies in product design, analysis, validation and manufacturing to help companies build better products faster, cheaper and better than before. Using these technologies the companies can not only achieve their product design and manufacturing objectives, but through PLM solutions, they can also set-up well streamlined and optimized work processes to attain maximum efficiency.

DesignTech Systems Technology Day Event in Kolkata DesignTech Systems being the strategic Business Partners with the world leaders and some of the biggest names in the product design and manufacturing industry, presented CAD/CAM, PLM and Digital Manufacturing solutions from Siemens PLM Software; Comprehensive CAE suite of solutions from Altair Engineering; 3D Printing technologies from Stratasys; MATLAB Technical Computing software from MathWorks; and Metal 3D Printing Solutions from SLM.

Eminent Industry Speakers from L&T Constructions and MSME Tool Room Kolkata, shared their experiences and benefits they derived from using Altair CAE solutions and Siemens PLM software respectively.

Mr. Mukul Mandal, Mr. Bhaskar Sengupta, and Mr. Debiprasad Ghosh, from L&T Constructions highlighted how Altair CAE suite of solutions helped them in their Design and Analysis of Blast Furnace Steel Shell project. Whereas, Mr. Srijit Chatterjee, Mr. Rama Rao and Mr. Debdutta Guha from MSME Tool Room Kolkata, spoke about how they are supporting Industry and students alike through providing services and training using Siemens NX CAD Software.

At this event, DesignTech demonstrated technologies at every stage of product lifecycle starting from Concept development, 3D Modeling and Validation, Product Design analysis and simulation, Rapid prototyping, Alternative Production technologies, Digital manufacturing for Plant Simulation, to PLM for managing and optimizing the entire product design and development data and processes.

Mr. Vikas Khanvelkar, Managing Director, DesignTech Systems  expressed his happiness at the turn out of engineering fraternity for this event stating, “I am extremely overwhelmed to see such a fantastic response to this event. It makes me happy to see the enthusiasm among the engineering industry to learn about, understand the advantages, and consider adopting new and advanced technologies to add more value to their engineering initiatives.

The software can only serve as good as the person operating it. Only through proper training and domain specific applications insight, can the engineer use the software to its fullest potential to derive maximum benefits. Training offerings and modules of DesignTech CAD Academy, the Authorized Training Partner of Siemens PLM software and Altair Engineering, an education wing of DesignTech Systems were also presented at the do.

Mr. Sanjay Daga, President – Operations at DesignTech Systems, exclaimed,“If the product is late in the market by 6 months, they would have lost more than half of their profit share. Hence the companies in India have to adapt and adopt the latest technologies to retain their competitive position in the Market.”

This congregation saw people from cross vertical domains attending the event in large numbers. Physical display of functional, multi-material and colorful 3D Printed parts added value to the seminars on 3D Printing technology as people could for themselves touch and feel the 3D Printed models. Customer case study presentations helped the audience understand the clear benefits and applications of these technologies. Plethora of questions and queries asked after every technology demonstration was a clear indicator to the eagerness among the audience to learn more about these solutions, its applications and how it can help them add value in their area of work. Overall, this event on latest technologies in product engineering and development was well received by the Engineering fraternity and industry in Kolkata.

For further information you can visit us www.designtechsys.com

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