Ultra-violet and infra-red LED emitters for use in data communications, sensing and curing

OMC, the pioneer in opto-electronics, will be introducing a range of surface-mounting high-power ultra-violet and infra-red LED emitters at the Engineering Design Show at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry from 19 to 20 October 2016. These devices have compact form factors and have a wide range of possible applications, including in data communications, sensing and curing.

Also on Stand L30 will be a range of miniature LED emitters, measuring less than half a millimeter across, designed for use in indicators and displays. In addition, OMC will be launching their new homogeneous coloured LED light sources which feature enhanced reliability and colour quality over traditional coloured LEDs. Applications for these include lighting, signalling and indication.

William Heath, OMC’s Commercial Director
William Heath, OMC’s Commercial Director

“These are in addition to our wide range of fibre-optic transmitters, receivers and cable assembly technologies,” said William Heath, OMC’s Commercial Director. “This is an important show in the engineering calendar and we are looking forward to discussing how our products can help design engineers optimise and enhance their designs.”

OMC will also be showing high-performance, customisable LED back-lights that now include a further expanded range of available colours.

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