Mouser Stocks First Single-Chip Solutions for Wearable with Dialog’s SmartBond


Mouser Electronics now stocks the SmartBond DA14680 and DA14681 Wearable-on-Chips from Dialog Semiconductor. Part of the highly-integrated SmartBond system-on-chip (SoC) family of power-efficient Bluetooth low-energy solutions, Dialog’s DA14680 and DA14681 deliver the industry’s first state-of-the-art power management and RF technology single-chip wearable solutions for advanced Internet of Things (IoT) designs.

The Dialog SmartBond DA14680 and DA14681 Wearable-on-Chips, now available from Mouser Electronics, are small, ultra-low power SoCs that deliver more than double the battery life of competitive application-enabled smartphone accessories, wearable devices or computer peripherals. The DA14680 and DA14681 consume around 1 mA for typical Bluetooth 4.1 and 4.2 events, and feature flexible processing power, flash memory options, and an advanced power management unit (PMU) that supports rechargeable batteries and can power a complete wearable system. The DA14680 includes 8 Mbits of on-chip flash memory, and offers unlimited execution space and over-the-air updates. By contrast, the DA14681 performs memory execution up to 32 MBytes using its external QSPI flash interface. Both devices are based on an ultra-low power 30uA/MHz ARM  Cortex -M0 application processor that can be programmed to a maximum clock frequency of 96 MHz. To ensure personal data security, both devices deliver end-to-end banking-level encryption through a dedicated hardware crypto engine with elliptic curve cryptology (ECC).

The DA14680 and DA14681 devices enable designers to create a fully-hosted wearables sensor hub that eliminates several external components, facilitates a smaller form factor, and substantially lowers system cost and power consumption. Further, the devices are backed by Dialog’s powerful SmartSnippets development boards and kits and Dialog’s royalty-free SmartSnippets Studio software development environment. Target applications for both devices include consumer appliances, home and industrial automation, fitness bands, medical monitors, and smart home products.

To learn more about the DA14680 and DA14681 SoCs and development tools, visit

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