print_deutsch-dt-family-connectorsMouser Electronics is now stocking the DEUTSCH DT family of connectors from TE Connectivity (TE). Engineered for harsh environments, the DEUTSCH DT family of connectors is designed specifically for cable-to-cable industrial and heavy-duty vehicle applications. Offering field-proven reliability and rugged quality, these environmentally-sealed transportation connectors are forged with thermoplastic housings and silicone seals to deliver a wide operating temperature range for extreme temperature and moisture conditions.

TE Connectivity’s DEUTSCH DT family of connectors, now available from Mouser Electronics, consists of three series: the DT series, DTM series, and DTP series. The DT series of connectors are general-purpose solutions that allow designers to use multiple size 16 contacts within a single shell, each with 13A continuous capacity. The series comes in 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-cavity arrangements and is available in 14 to 20 AWG. Mouser also stocks a specialized line of J1939/11-compliant DT series connectors to meet SAE requirements for 3-wire CAN applications.

TE’s DEUTSCH DTM series of connectors are multi-pin connectors with lower amperage. The DTM series offers multiple size 20 contacts within a single shell, each with 7.5A continuous capacity. The series is available in 2- through 12-cavity arrangements with sizing from 14 to 22 AWG. For demanding power application requirements, the DTP series offers the flexibility of using power contacts and addresses the need for multi-pin connectors with higher amperage. The DTP series offers multiple size 12 contacts within a single shell, each with 25A continuous capacity. The DTP series comes equipped in 2- and 4- cavity arrangements and is available in 10 to 14 AWG.

The three series in the DT family all feature rectangular housings with integrated latches for mating and offer in-line, flange, or printed circuit board (PCB) mounts. Mouser also stocks required corresponding wedgelocks that designers use to confirm contact alignment and retention. To learn more about TE’s DEUTSCH DT family of connectors, including interchangeable common contacts and accessory and tooling items, visit

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