Mouser inspire makers with latest tech & prizes at Maker Faire Rome


 Experience Virtual Reality; Special guest Grant Imahara

download-7Mouser Electronics is exhibiting in Hall 7 on Stand 10 at the 2016 Maker Faire in Rome, 14 – 16 October. Mouser is joining over 100,000 maker enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds to inspire them with the newest components and technologies for their latest projects and inventions. One hot topic for this year’s Faire is Virtual Reality, and visitors to the stand will be able to experience a VR journey through Mouser’s huge Texas warehouse, experiencing how components are handled, packed and shipped to worldwide destinations within 24 hours of being ordered.

On Saturday, Mouser special guest Grant Imahara, former host of Discovery Channel’s Myth Busters, will address the audience as he shares knowledge and inspiration on some innovative engineering projects from the Empowering Innovation Together™ series.

Attendees can find out how to create superhero gadgets from Project Heroes and join Imahara as he looks at the “Driverless Car” project. Attendees can also learn in details about Mouser’s 3D printed car along with other 3D printing project. Other learning activities involve International Space Station Challenge, which sees the winning design being 3D printed for astronauts to use and share with the world.

Furthermore, Mouser has announced prizes to celebrate the Maker Faire. The main prize is a Samsung Gear VR Headset, with state of the art displays and optics designed to enable the wearer to experience and explore immersive Virtual Reality for gaming, movies and more. Other prizes include a Cypress CYALKIT Design Kit or a Texas Instruments CapTIvate™ EVM. Another fortunate winner will be able to design and create an eye-catching wearable device using a Hexiwear Power User Pack.

You can even participate in the competition online, without needing to attend the event. Visit

Mouser’s content-rich website provides a wealth of information for identifying and purchasing the latest products from over 600 global suppliers. Enabling tomorrow’s designs, it delivers inspiration and knowledge in the form of tutorials and white papers on today’s current application areas and technologies, plus free design tools – including its PCB design integration tool Multi SIM BLUE.

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