eScan’s New Technology for Detection & Mitigation of Ransomware


escan1eScan’s latest introduction of its PBAE technology now provides strong defense against Ransomware attacks. This year has seen an unprecedented growth of more than 172% rise in ransomware attacks and many corporate and government organizations have fallen prey to them. Though widely not reported, it has cost millions of dollars to many organisations across the world.

From Crypto ware, Locky to cerber ransomware have been rechristening itself with various changes to its earlier versions. It has evolved with the change in cyber threat landscape and it is seen as one of the most malicious programs to cripple organizations with huge extortion demands.

As IT adoption grows from BFSI to Manufacturing to healthcare industries, the dependency on IT infrastructure and protection of business critical data becomes paramount importance for CXOs. Their prime concern is not only to protect valuable business data but also to protect the identity of its users for organizations depending on consumer data, such as BFSI, e-commerce, BPO/ITeS, etc.

eScan thus developed the latest technology PBAE (Proactive Behavioral Analytics Engine) to provide real time protection for organsiations against ransomware attacks. eScan research team after a thorough research of ransomewares and its variants have developed an algorithm to analyze the behavioral patterns such programs to enhance and protect the IT assets of organizations as well as SOHO users.

eScan’s Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine (PBAE) monitors the activity of all the processes on the server as well as end points  and whenever PBAE encounters an activity or behavior which is reminiscent of a Ransomware, a red flag is raised and the process is rendered ineffective from conducting any further damage. However, Ransomware is also known to encrypt files residing on the network share, in such cases, when an infected non-protected system is accessing the Network Share of a protected system and tries to modify the files residing over there, PBAE, will immediately invalidate the network session. Ransomwares such as Locky, Zepto, Crysis, Crypto to name a few, along with their variants are being tackled with ease by eScan’s Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine (PBAE) Technology

MrGovind Rammurthy – CEO and Managing Director of eScan said that, “In our constant fight against Ransomware attacks, we are also working on an Intelligent Shadow Backup mechanism, which can be triggered during such eventualities, enabling the users to quickly overcome the aftershocks of Ransomware attacks. Our R&D team have developed the PBAE Technology after thorough research of many Ransomware attacks and its behavior across many variants. PBAE Technology today is highly successful in detecting and mitigating thousands of Ransomware attacks across globe.”

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