Tektronix’s new generation Oscilloscope for budget constrained design-engineers & educators


TBS2000 oscilloscope arms budget constrained design-engineers and educators with next generation capabilities

element14 is now stocking the TBS2000 Next Generation Oscilloscope from Tektronix.

TBS2000This new oscilloscope provides design engineers and educators with an expanded range of capabilities, previously only available in more advanced and expensive models. Based on the proven TDS2000 series, the TBS2000 is the only ‘basic’ model oscilloscope to provide wifi and probe functionality, as well as featuring the longest record length and largest display in its class for faster signal evaluation and troubleshooting.

Increasing accuracy and ease of use for design engineers
Design engineers using oscilloscopes to prototype, debug and validate the designs of new products and for general troubleshooting
are increasingly faced with greater signal complexity, tighter signal tolerances and increased time pressure. The functionality of basic equipment currently on the market can lead to a lack of confidence in measurements, and scale factors and corrections continue to be hand-applied due to inability to interface with today’s smart probing technology.

The TBS2000 provides a greater level of functionality than any other basic model oscilloscope.

  • Models are available with 70 MHz or 100 MHz bandwidth
    and with 2 or 4 channels.
  • Waveform cursor readouts and 32 automatic measurements make it easy to confidently analyze signals.
  • It has the longest record length in its class, at 20M points,
  • The biggest 9 inch WVGA display with 15 horizontal divisions
  • It is the only basic oscilloscope with the TekVPI Probe Interface for better applications coverage with a wider range of active and current probes.

Unique capabilities for enhancing education
For engineering professors, required to teach larger grouptbs2000s of students with an increasing amount of emphasis on hands-on lab work and TBS2000 includes wifi, making it easier to set up an engineering lab, and has a series of built in and online support such as HelpEverywhere and the downloadable Tektronix resource centre to support the teaching of large groups.

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