Virtual Health Partners On-Demand Platform, Helps Patients Live Healthier Balanced Lives with Real-Time Support and a Comprehensive Care Model

Virtual Health Partners a New York based start-up, is12 an innovator in virtual healthcare. VHP launched its proprietary, virtual patient care platform (also available via App through iTunes & Google Play). The platform focuses on ancillary care treatment, such as nutrition, fitness and behavioral modification, providing on-demand support 24/7, tailored to meet the needs of patients who undergo procedures or treatments for weight loss, weight loss surgery, intragastric balloons, liposuction and fertility treatment.

Dr. Shawn Garber, Co-Founder explains “VHP is a comprehensive business-to-business model that works collaboratively with our physician partners, hospital systems, medical device companies, nutritionists, certified fitness instructors and key performance tracker devices, such as Fitbit, and integrates into our software technology. VHP provides physicians and their patients continuous progress reporting with real time monitoring, to develop customizable programs.”

Virtual Health Partners is an on-demand, virtual web portal designed for patients who need support managing a variety of issues, such as: weight management, obesity, gestational diabetes. VHP® guides, coaches and supports the patient throughout the program.  The proprietary patient interfacing platform, works directly with physicians to provide patients a comprehensive aftercare program including access to exercise, nutrition and coaching around their own busy schedules. The resources are available on-demand with live, interactive appointments 7 days a week. VHP’s network works with the patient’s schedule and can interact with them anytime, anywhere via face-to-face live video conferencing, including one-to-one, anonymous group and webcast scheduled live classes.  VHP’s technology uses a HIPAA compliant proprietary video chat and messaging system that facilitates private and secure discussions, utilizes weight loss tracking and monitors personal journals to support and reflect progress.

Jillian Bridgette Cohen, Co-Founder explains, “Our VHP platform hosts a collection of customized nutrition, fitness and coaching classes and videos in a cloud-based library for patient convenience. This enables patients to have the support and tools geared toward a healthier, balanced life. Our Apps, our comprehensive model and our on-demand philosophy, enable patients to access care easily and to be more compliant with their ancillary care program.”  VHP provides significant data for the physician to manage patients and monitor their progress. VHP supports the healthcare practitioners team throughout the patient journey.

Virtual Health Partners officially kicks off its revolutionary, proprietary patient care platform and practice support services at the Diagnostic Disease Week Conference on May 22, 2016 in San Diego, CA.  The VHP App is available for download through Apple iTunes & Google Play. For additional information about Virtual Health Partners, please visit

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