Driver safety toolkit
Uber Driver safety toolkit

With the objective of offering a safer experience for everyone and to create an environment of mutual respect, Uber, the world’s largest on-demand ride-sharing company, launched its “Driver Safety Toolkit”  — a comprehensive set of in-app safety features for driver partners — in India today. To further strengthen this move, Uber has also updated its community guidelines, reminding riders of the behavior expected of anyone using the platform.

"Driver Safety Toolkit”  -- a comprehensive set of in-app safety features for driver partners
“Driver Safety Toolkit” — a comprehensive set of in-app safety features for driver partners

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Prabhjeet Singh, Head of Cities, India & South Asia, Uber said, “There can be no Uber without driver partners – they are at the centre of Uber’s business. The national roll-out of an emergency button and the ‘share trip feature’ under the Driver Safety toolkit strongly reiterates Uber’s commitment to their safety. Over the last few years, Uber has focused its efforts in developing innovative products that increase transparency, accountability, and safety of all the Uber users. The rollout of this toolkit is the next step in ensuring we’re helping all the driver partners stay connected and safe.”

“We have also updated Uber’s community guidelines which extend the same behavioral standards to the riders that Uber has for the driver partners. Even though a vast majority of riders will not be affected by this update, it reminds a select few what behaviour is expected of them while using the app.”, Mr. Singh continued.

Share Trip Status Flow
Share Trip Status Flow

Our latest safety updates,

  • Driver Safety Toolkit
    • Share Trip. Driver partners can now share their trip details with their loved ones straight from the app, letting their family and friends follow them along as they drive.
    • Emergency button.The Emergency assistance button offers driver partners an option to connect with law enforcement during an unwanted emergency situation
    • Speed Limit. A feature where driver partners will be alerted when they exceed the speed so that they can drive at safe speeds for their personal safety, the comfort of their riders, as well as others on the road.
  • Community guidelines for riders
    • Driver-partners work hard to provide riders with a safe and reliable way of getting from point A to B and it is important that they feel safe, comfortable and respected at all times. Along with the new in-app safety feature for drivers, updated community guidelines ensure and encourage shared accountability on the platform. The updated community guidelines will see riders who, after several notifications, fall below a minimum average rating lose access to the Uber app.

Uber currently allows both drivers and passengers to rate each other in the Uber app after each ride. For Uber, India was the first market where the emergency button was launched. Now, it will be a part of a larger Safety Toolkit in the app, giving driver partners access to all possible protective and preventive measures under the shield icon.