semiconductor market

The semiconductor market is expected to enter a new phase of growth as early as September 2019, as the arrival of emerging applications and technologies will be triggering the growth, according to Nicky Lu, chairman for Etron Technology.

Emerging applications associated with artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G will provide growth opportunities for IC companies, said Lu. Nevertheless, the industry is set to experience a tough first-half 2019 due to unfavorable economic and political factors, Lu noted.

Despite unfavorable market circumstances, chipmakers continue investing resources in R&D, Lu indicated. Venture capital firms based in the US have poured as much as US$2 billion into the IC design sector this year, for example, indicating a bright prospects for the IC market growth.

The semiconductor industry is expected to enjoy solid growth in 2020, when the era of self-driving vehicles takes off, Lu continued.

Lu also suggested that mergers and acquisitions will continue to keep the semiconductor industry afloat.

For Etron, the company is gearing up to take advantage of booming demand growth for AI-capable devices, Lu said. Etron has been enhancing and diversifying its offerings to keep up with the latest technology for sustainable growth, Lu added.