Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

Science & Technology Gazette (SciGazette) welcomes any unsolicited contribution from our authors; however, request you to follow certain parameters in writing your article; it will help immensely in faster processing and error free editing of the article.

Submitting Content 

  • Editorial decisions to publish or not to publish an article are made at the discretion of SciGazette and are based on factors including but not limited to: relevance to the industry, interest to readers, timeliness and caliber of writing, as well as space limitations within the given publication.Submit only complete works, rather than outlines or pitches. SciGazette will not consider partially completed works. SciGazette requests writer to provide with a recent photograph and a short Bio suitable for publication.
  • Bios: At the end of our articles, the author biography should consist of name, position, affiliation and an e-mail address where the author can be reached for more information.
  • Please submit article via e-mail. Include your name, address, company, title and e-mail address.
  • SciGazette request writers not to submit the revised versions based on stylistic changes, addition or deletion of references or any minor changes etc. as these pose challenges in processing. Revised versions will not be processed. However, when there is a major development in the field of study after the first submission, authors can submit a revised version. Here we will request authors to send us a prior email indicating the submission of revised version.
  • Include any applicable charts, graphs and images with your submission, but know that we typically cannot run every chart, graph or image due to space constraints. Please provide applicable labeling and caption information with these submissions. It is the author’s responsibility to secure the publishing rights to any charts, graphs or images submitted. Submitted charts, graphs and images should not be embedded in Word documents but saved separately as a TIFF, EPS, or JPEG file at 300 dpi resolution. Photos should be high-resolution.
  • The views expressed in all of the SciGazette’s publications are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the official positions or policies of the SciGazette.
  • SciGazette does not pay authors for unsolicited work that is selected for publication.
  • All submissions will be edited for accuracy, clarity, quality and length. SciGazette does not guarantee that authors will review their work prior to publication due to time constraints inherent in the production process.
  • Submitted content should not be promotional in any way. Do not write for yourself or your employer. Write for your peers and your industry. This is a chance to showcase your thought leadership—not promote your company, products, services, etc. Offer the reader clear takeaways/next steps to maximize the full impact of your contribution. Consider including multiple points of entry (e.g., subheadings, sidebars, stat boxes, key facts/data points).

Types of Submissions

  1. Technical Articles
  • Technical article offer in-depth look into the design and manufacturing of our engineered products and processes.
  • Article must be no more than 2000 words long, including notes and references (SciGazette is a magazine, not a journal. If detailed attributions are necessary, please incorporate them into the text.).
  • The article should not be submitted previously in any other publication, if a different version of the article has appeared in any other publication, we would appreciate a copy of the same.
  • Receipt of the article will be immediately acknowledged through email.
  1. Reference Designs
  • Reference design refers to the technical blueprints of the system that is intended for others to copy.
  • These should be ideally between 1000 – 1500 words.
  1. Personal Opinion articles
  • Commentary written by independent authors reflecting their opinion about the subject. These article will be published alongside the editorials
  • Usually these have a sweet spot of 1000 to 1500 words.
  1. DIY articles
  • DIY articles describe projects that inspire and help readers to be creative.
  • The article must be no more than 1500 words
  1. Discussion
  • SciGazette encourages its readers to comment on articles published in SciGazette. Submissions should be within 800 to 1200 words.
  1. Letters
  • Readers of SciGazette are encouraged to comment (400 words) on published articles.
  • All letters should have writer’s full name and postal address

General Guidelines

  1. Copyright
  • SciGazette post all published articles on its website and may reproduce them in any other format (digital or print).
  • Copyright of all the articles published by SciGazette belongs to the author or the organization where the author is employed as determined by the author’s term of employment.
  1. Permission for Reproduction
  • No published article or part of it can be reproduced in any form without prior permission of the author(s)
  • A soft copy of author’s approval should be sent to SciGazette
  1. Conflicts of Interest
  • Conflicts of interest may arise in a variety of situations (e.g., stakeholder relationships, consulting relationships, employment history, etc.), and, therefore, the author is required to be 100% transparent and inform the SciGazette of any such conflict.
  1. After Publication
  • All authors are encouraged to promote their SciGazette contributions once they are published by the SciGazette via personal and company websites, social media outlets, e-mails to colleagues and peers, etc.
  • Please notify the editor with whom you worked on your submission that you would like to receive a PDF post-publication.