About Us

About Us

Sience & Technology Gazette was launched in 2016 and is counted among India’s fastest growing publication in the field of Electronics and Technology. It is India’s leading source for news on electronics, interviews, electronics projects etc.

Mission Statement: Science & Technology gazette is driven by the mission to place before its audience the latest development in the field of Electronics and to enable them to benefit from it. The magazine is loved by a wide range of readers.

Science & Technology Gazette readers are:

1. Senior technology decision-makers
2. Senior business decision-makers
3. R&D professionals and Academicians
4. Innovators and DIYers
5. Students

While Science & Technology Gazette touches a wide range of topics under Electronics sector, some of the regular subjects appearing in almost every issue are:

1. Focus: Latest application and innovations in Tech
2. Tech Trends: Applications in Embedded Systems, Sensor Technologies, IoT & Cyber Security
3. Industry Trends: Telecom, Instrumentation, Test & Measurements
4. Research Focus: Semiconductor Technologies, MEMS Technologies
5. Latest Products

Editorial Team

V.S. Rathore

AbhisheK Prasad
Managing Editor
Education: M.Tech, Amity University Noida
Areas of responsibility: General inquiries about Editorial procedures, Commissioning, Ethics and policies, Bioelectronics, Biophysics, Cyber Security, IoT and Semiconductor devices.
E-mail: abhishek@scigazette.com

Chandan Singh
Senior Editor
Education: BJMC, Amity University Noida
Areas of responsibility: General inquiries about Commissioning, Events, Product reviews, Embedded systems, Circuit Design, Robotics and Microprocessor technologies.
E-mail: chandan@scigazette.com